Twitter Enraged that ESPN 2 Aired Video Game

heroes of the storm

Can a video game be a sport? Twitter users don’t seem to think so. Last night, ESPN 2 aired a number of students playing Heroes of the Storm, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). The game was made by game development and publishing giant, Blizzard. While it would not have been too surprising if the game received only a few minutes of air-time, it was fairly surprising when it was aired for over two hours. The airing included eSports commentators and a live audience, just like a live-action sport would be aired.

Although ESPN has hosted video game tournaments in the past, ESPN viewers were enraged by the MOBA’s screen-time last night. Sports fans expected to see a baseball or basketball game on the sports channel, but not a video game tournament. They used Twitter to air their grievances.

Tweets from enraged Twitter users regarding ESPN 2 airing Heroes of the Storm.

Notice the frequent judgments, referring to gamers as “nerds” and “geeks.”


While it is understandable that sports fans would expect to be watching an NBA game on ESPN 2, they should be aware that ESPN 2 is not ESPN’s main channel. The secondary channel for the network may have been the appropriate outlet to further test airing video game tournaments. In countries like Japan and South Korea, video game tournaments are taken quite seriously and get very positive reception from audiences. With a growing video game culture in the western world, ESPN may have been taking a big step forward to give gamers the chance that they have been given in the eastern hemisphere.

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