Transistor Review

I think what attracts me the most to this game is the “time freeze” turn-by-turn fighting style. Fighting enemies is more strategy-based; you have to plan which of the multiple enemies to attack and then plan a defense until your next turn. This is a rare game that uses the actual storyline as a reward for being more immersed in the world; which is something you instinctively want to do given the depth of the plot.

Photo Source: Transistor review: The coolest game at the party
Photo Source: Transistor review: The coolest game at the party

While the strategic gameplay looks quite simple, there are skills you need to master and upgrade. Mastering and using these skills adds to the fun as changing the skill’s ‘mode’ or upgrading is like crafting, in the sense that different combinations need to be experimented with.

As you can see from the Transistor review and gameplay above, the art is a very refreshing, smooth, cartoon style. The world is cleanly built which makes this game easy to fall in love with.

To some the plot might be a little disappointing, to find out why and continue reading, please click here.

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