This Will, in fact, be the Ultimate Showdown


Do you remember when this game was actually announced a few years ago? Yeah, it was originally supposed to be a sequel to the game Darksiders developed by Vigil Games under the name Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Unfortunately, they were shut down in 2013 due to a bad case of bankruptcy, but that didn’t stop Crytek from picking up the slack and developing the game under the current name, Hunt: Showdown.

What is this game? You may ask. Well, it’s a multiplayer shooter/competitive/survival game set in the late Victorian era in which five teams of two are dropped into a pretty sizable map and are all given the same objective: kill the thing that goes bump in the night.

The ‘bump’ is a monster located at a position on the map, but you have to go through several other things that would love to kill you, such as zombies, giant bloodsucking leeches, killer mosquito people, and every other team along the way. But be warned, the main monster is always going to be a cut above the rest. As of now, the only monster we know of is a spider thingy that was shown in the gameplay trailer shown below:

Like I said above, this game will be done in matches on a roughly 1 square KM map based in Louisiana containing everything from dank swamps and thick forests, to open fields and farms. The main enemy will be at one of the several locations on the map, and it’s your job to hunt it down. Once you find the monster, you have to get it into a position where you can ‘banish’ it, meaning that through some supernatural power, you destroy it completely while you fend off enemies and other players who are made aware of your exact position at that point in time and want to kill you and take the loot for themselves. Make it through that, and the final challenge will be making it to the extraction point so you can safely make it out with all your loot.

And what about that loot! That’s an interesting mechanic in the game, though not much has been explained, we know that through matches you can sort of level up your character (Hunter as they call them) by getting better and better loot to start off with in game when you first get dropped into the map. The catch though is that once you die, your hunter is dead. Meaning that all the loot you had for that character will be gone, and you have to start over with another character. But that doesn’t mean that all your effort will have been in vain, as there is a system (called Bloodline) that will allow you to sort of bank some of your progress and experience before you die, allowing you to recruit new Hunters at a higher level than usual.

The graphics and atmosphere seem to really make this game a thing of pure beauty. Wait, did I say beauty? Let me rearrange that. There we go…horror. This game will make you s**t your pants, I’m sure, between the sickening sound effects, ever darkening world, and relentless enemies. I always like to keep an extra pair of undies close by for such a situation.


I think that this all sounds pretty f*****g cool! I mean, it’s like a combination of a survival kind of thing like Dayz and 7 Days to Die, and a team-based hunt like Evolve, though the monster you’re hunting is AI controlled. It’s unlike anything I’ve really ever seen before, and I’m excited to see more of what’s to come and maybe eventually get to play a beta before the release of the game.

Speaking of the release, we have absolutely no idea on the timeframe of this game, it could come out in a matter of months, or a matter of years. We just don’t know yet. But stay tuned, I’m thinking we should get more info soon enough.


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