This IS The Free Content You Are Looking For…

I love free content in my games

Don’t you? I mean, you can’t match the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from not seeing a season pass available for purchase right from when you start up the game for the first time.

And that brings us to Battlefront 2, the sequel to the…less than desirable first game, Battlefront by EA and DICE. What’s so special about the game? Well, it’s the fact that all DLC for it will be completely free unlike what happened with the first game.

The free content will include new locations, new vehicles, modes, characters, weapons, and even more! The man, the myth, the Stormtrooper, Jon Boyega, even said that his character will be in The Last Jedi DLC along with Captain Phasma, and the planet Crait.

So what is it with publishers and DLC? Why can’t they leave a game well enough alone after launch, and why do they have to try to squeeze even more money out of you?

Well, the main problem with most media is that they’re mainly just a buy once-live forever kind of thing where you pay the creators the money and then never pay out another cent afterward. With movies, you can see the movie more than once in theaters and buy them on DVD and digitally. Most, if not all, of the revenue, comes from the opening weekend so there’s not much that happens after that. Music allows you to buy a song once and hear it over and over, and though bands can tour the country there’s still plenty of people who never bother to pay to see them. Then we have video games, they work basically the same way as buying music or movies off the shelf, except there’s no market for watching people develop or play a video game live (well, it’s not enough of a market to get past special events like LetsPlay live and s**t like that) so you have developers releasing their life’s work for the past couple years and they get all their money in their ‘opening weekend’ as well.

But recently (and by ‘recently’ I mean since the internet became a thing) developers have come up with clever ways to grab at your wallet again and never let go.

Yeah, I’m talking about stuff like paid DLC and subscriptions for online-only games. The constant connectivity of users around the globe allows developers to release more content for a game that already released months ago, and charge you for it just as they would another game but on a smaller scale. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing, I mean, I would definitely go for more content for a game that I just love playing, and it makes sense how MMOs carry a monthly fee due to the constant uptime that their servers have. Though people might not like it, they’re paying for a service, and not everything comes free in this world.

But having said all that, I think that it’s great how BF2 is going to have every update be free. Though they won’t be making any money from their extra hard work, they could take a page from Valve or Blizzard’s book and do some small micro-transactions like crates and such that contain little extra stuff, like emotes, skins, maybe even some guns. And while they could put a price on them, they should also just give them to you every so often so it doesn’t feel too much like a pay-to-win like the last game kind of was.

It’s all about pleasing the community because, in the end, it’s going to the them who are giving the money that will let another game be made. I think DICE has learned from the last game, and Battlefront 2 should be every bit as fun as the brand suggests.

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