There Will Be A Ton of Loot! Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer

Joy to the world, the Destiny 2 reveal trailer is out!

And boy, was there some really cool stuff in there.

So the trailer starts right off with a shot of the Traveler. That’s already interesting, not because it’s the Traveler, but because of what it looks like. In Destiny 1, the bottom half of the Traveler was really torn up while in this trailer it looks like it’s all complete, and now the bottom half is glowing a bright orange with what probably is fire considering the last city has been attacked since the events of the first game. While this shot continues we begin to hear a familiar voice speaking…

UPDATE: The Destiny Sequel

The next shot brings us to Commander Zavala of the Titans, he stands high and speaks words of inspiration to the Guardians who are gathered around him. It’s inspirational for about five seconds…and then it cuts to Cayde. He has his own crowd of Guardians around him while he gives a speech.

The trailer goes on like this, switching between Zavala and Cayde who both share their own versions of what an inspirational speech may be. Of course, Cayde’s version is a bit rough around the edges while Zavala’s is more refined and put together.

The speeches continue as various shots of various firefights flash on the screen. Eventually, we see our new main villain emerge from the smoke.

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  1. Thats how they got me to purchase The first Destiny. I remember them talking about the vehicles and how you’ll be able to use different ones to travel planets. Playing i was happy to pilot the couple but you only owned the Sparrow.

    • I stopped after the first expansion, but I more than got my money’s worth given the hours I sank into it. I’ll probably pick it up, but who knows! Not if I’m working, that’s a pogge game haha, takes up too many hours

    • Lmao people are so scared of change who the f**k wants a brand new game that has all this op/nerfed/buffed same old stuff the enemy destroyed everything so we’re taking it back from the ground up.. literally cuz the towers gone xD

    • Hahahaha wow kids… I was just asking haha f*****g snowflakes. It’s just a game and i was just asking. I put a ton of time into the first one. Cry you a river.? Sounds like you need a safe space and some playdoe.

    • Brandon Paling stop lying they didn’t lose any percent of gamers. You and your made up percentage value is a joke. There are currently over 6.5 million people playing Destiny. Only people who couldn’t afford the DLC or couldn’t put in the effort and trust into the content left which, compared to the large number of people still playing, I’d say the count is not a loss. If a thing they made enough profit to continuously keep making content. The only thing holding them back from making significant changes to Destiny 1 was last gen consoles. They’re running current Destiny on bungie’s Halo 3 game engine because of the PS3 and Xbox 360. Destiny 2 uses an up to date engine to compensate for PC, Xbone, and Ps4. Learn your facts before you spew nonsense please.

    • In case you’re wondering what engine Destiny 2 will be running on, think modified Unreal Engine 4 (if you have any background in knowing what the unreal engine 4 is. Games like uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Battlefield, all that goodness.) Graphically. Space-wise, the newer consoles quadruple that. Need more insight? Destiny one and all its DLC add up to 60GB of data while Destiny 2 the base game with no DLC adds up to 68GB of data. See the math?

    • Hahahahahaahahahahahahaha you guys are great. I mean that!! Just made my day.. it’s a video game!!! Stop defending It Like I just kicked your dog… my God. You pissy whinny little b*****s. It’s so funny!! I pictured you guys stamping your foot “no no no unreal 4…. no no no 68gb” hahahahahahah who gives a f**k… worst game ever!!!! I’d rather play super man 64 any day. Let the tears fall!!! Hahahahahaah Brandon Paling. This what the world is coming to. Hahahaha

  2. I don’t understand all of the people asking for new content etc but then b******g because they are making a new game and making you leave your old overplayed s**t behind like wtf people make up your minds

  3. Ton of loot?? Haha ya right 2nd raid I’ve done this week and only got 1 weapon. I’ll believe it when I see it until now keep lying. You should get a guaranteed armor piece from each raid boss upon first completion each week. So until then you only have a lack of loot. And it wasn’t just me multiple people from our raid left with out a single thing. STEP YOUR GAME UP


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