The Switch Needs More Storage

We need all the storage we can get

The Switch isn’t a system that has a whole lot of internal storage.

There have been many a complaint about the status of save files on the system, mainly the issue that they aren’t backed up in any way. Even if you have an SD card inserted into the system, the save files will still all be put in the 32 GB of storage that the system has. There’s no external saving, no cloud based storage at all.

Why is that such a problem?

Well, it’s something that’s just not good to have in a “just in case” scenario, such as perhaps you send in your Switch to Nintendo to be repaired, it will probably be sent back with all of the internal memory wiped, and that includes all your downloaded games and save files. And for those who spent more than 200 hours playing the new BOTW, it can really be a kick in the balls that you would have to start all over again from the very beginning when you had maybe finished the main story and were just exploring the hella expansive map. Even in the extreme case of your Switch being stolen or broken permanently, you will never see those save files again.

Everybody’s favorite head, Reggie, has stated that Nintendo is currently aware of the issue and will attempt to fix it in the future, though they haven’t come out and explained what, if any, solutions may be available. Said Reggie, “For a person who has 100 shrines, I understand the concern about losing all your data,”

But while a solution will come in the future, they also said that they will need to make it based around smart business, meaning that it will most likely come at a price.

Nintendo has never really been a company to offer much in the way of digital storage. While the Xbox One and PS4 have 500 GB to 1 TB of storage available on just the consoles themselves, the Switch only has 32 GB of internal storage. That’s not even close to being even nearly enough for anything, considering the size of games these days are maybe 5-10 GB and sometimes even go into the 50-60 GB territory. Now, you could say that since the Switch is essentially a tablet on steroids, there wasn’t that much room to include a 2 TB hard-drive. That may be the case, but this isn’t the first time that Nintendo has limited the amount of storage available on their consoles.

With the releases of the Xbox 360 and PS3, you had versions of the consoles ranging from 20 GB to 500 GB. Do you remember how much storage the Wii had at launch?

512 MB

Yeah, that’s kinda sad. And they didn’t even advertise it in the console itself, they labeled everything as “blocks” so you had no clue how much storage you even had! I remember trying to download more than like 3 Virtual Console/WiiWare games and it just said “nope”. It’s really frustrating how the Wii basically was behind an era and essentially kept the memory card age running for 6 years too long.

They’ve been keeping that streak going for years now. I’m not sure why they don’t feel the need to ever compete with their internal storage, maybe due to the fact that the games on the Nintendo platform aren’t as big as the main triple-A titles released for the other consoles, or perhaps they think they should be focusing their resources elsewhere, like in processing and graphics.

So what do you think about the Switch’s internal storage?

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