The Simpsons Come to Minecraft, XBox One Gets First Dibs

Simpsons Mincraft

Simpsons Minecraft for XBox One
The longest running characters on television, The Simpsons, now Get their Minecraft debut on XBox One and Xbox 360…

We all know that Minecraft gives you a very powerful sandbox to create what you want and explore the world as you please but if you have a console version of the game, such as Minecraft for XBox One, the only thing you cannot change or build is your avatar. This is where the DLC content comes in. I’m sure, very soon, we will be able to play as multiple different characters and The Simpsons are leading the way!

Many fans of the show and Minecraft have been awaiting this DLC for a while but the wait is almost over The Simpsons DLC will be available next February. The downside? This particular release is for XBox One and XBox 360 first and eventually will come to other consoles. Players will be able to choose from the family we all know and love, or 19 other Springfield characters. Essentially you can build the whole Simpsons world with your friends and fill it with Homer clones! “D’oh!”

To read more about The Simpsons DLC visit here.

Which Simpsons Character are you going to play as?

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