The Predicted Playstation 5 Better Blow Our Minds!

PS5 Concept by Kevin Tan

I won’t deny I like looking at our Facebook page and admiring all the attention I’m getting, but while I was scrolling through the posts trying to find one that held a link to one of my articles, I saw something that made me hesitate for a moment.

I stopped scrolling and looked at what laid before me…

It was just a 30-second click-bait video explaining why the next Playstation console will come out in 2018.

Now, this video, of course, was just click-bait. However, the guy behind the prediction, Damian Thong, is an analyst who correctly predicted the release of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. I’m not sure this should be taken seriously, but for argument’s sake, I’m gonna.

So first off, it really hasn’t been that long since the original PS4 released, it’s only been 4 years. So why in the world would Sony release a new system so soon? And keep in mind, we’re not talking about another variation on the PS4, we’re talking full-on PS5. A brand new console with an entirely new structure and specs and software, that’s what’s going on here.

The PS3 along with the Xbox 360 had a lifespan of about 7 years before the next gen consoles came out. We lived with that technology for 7 years, if we were talking about a computer, we’d be talking about some serious wear and a lot of obsolete parts. Of course, there were other versions of the consoles that came out as the years rolled on, but the main point here is that the technology changed relatively very little throughout the PS3’s life cycle. Here we are, 2017, about half the time has gone by and yet we’re going to expect another console? If they were able to maintain development on last gen for so long, why quit so soon?

So why are these companies making such different choices? What needs to happen in the future for us to keep buying consoles with yesterday’s tech? Read on for more…

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  1. Systems are only intended to go for 5 years anyways so I’m ready for an upgrade and your p.c fanboys calm down about your p.cs as you spend 100s a year to stay relatively recent

    • Wrong pal now add up your ps4 live yearly pass over 5 years add your 45-50 a game? Now how much is it a year. Much cheaper on a pc for the longer run and i also own the all the previous xboxes!

    • And define ‘stealing’ if you mean emulation then thats one thing theyre keeping really old games relevant than just tossing them to the side and waiting for the anti consumer companies to decide to renew the game.

    • Lol k well ill just stick to what I like and that’s gaming on my ps4 ease of use love it and as for PC I have a i7 16gb ram 100gbssd and 2 1tb hdd titan x still prefer my ps4 simply put cause I have around 33 friends all local and they all have one to no one I currently hang with plays anything on p.c so to each there own

  2. By the looks of it things may just get worse. With the battle between Nvidia and AMD hotting up graphics tech seems to be speeding up.
    Rumours have it that Nvidia could release a new high end GPU this year to maintain top spot over AMD and Vega.
    The 1080ti already makes the unreleased XBox Scorpio seem out dated i can’t imagine what the next cards will do.
    Fact is whilst ever consoles remain fixed hardware they will always be out of date very fast.

    • And that card costs 1000 plus ps4 and Xbox cost 299 each comes comes with everything besides the t.v and since almost no games can even use that power its worthless besides with the ps4 reaching 100 million units sold you can pretty well rely on the fact p.c will only be getting hand out games and table scraps from any good development party

    • Bradly what the hell does that have to do with anything?
      Plus you are spouting nonesense that is as outdated as the console tech you obviously love so much…. idiot.

    • Maybe if you read what I said and stop acting like a pathetic little child full of jealousy you may see my point……

      In the modern gaming market graphics tech is moving faster than ever thanks to the battle between AMD and Nvidia.

      This is having a knock on effect in the console war. With pc tech moving so fast the consoles are playing catch up quicker and the gap widening.

      That’s why sony released ps4 pro, they even said it was to try and keep gamers from migrating to pc. It’s why Microsoft are releasing Scorpio.

      My entire point was…. if the war between AMD and Nvidia carries on as it it the console cycles and updated machines may even get shorter. It’s the problem you get with fixed hardware.

      Now don’t you feel silly.

    • 5yrs? Last gen was 8 years. This gen both Sony and Microsoft have been forced to upgrade systems due to being left so far behind by PC tech. Sony even admitted that is why they released PS4 Pro.

      Pc tech is moving faster than ever. With Nvidia looking likely to release 2 high end GPU’s in one year.

      This will probably mean a PS5 very soon. Scorpio specs are very good. Looking likely to drop somewhere between 1060-1070.

      Also xbox and xbox 360 had equal or better gpu tech of a pc at the time.

    • Consoles have one advantage over pc, that is because they are generally the same spec level a game dev, finds it easier to optimize for, with all the numerous pc specs its far harder.
      Thats why we find many developers initially developing for console these days.
      Also not everyone is a graphics junky, i am at uni learning to be a games developer, once a game is optimized for console the graphics are not as bad as the comment about minecrafy graphics, infact without serious scrutiny which most gamers dont do whilst playing, the graphical differences between console and pc are hardly noticeable, the biggest difference is fps which breaks down into many other things such as draw distance.
      With console finding the right balance they will continue to sit at a midrange level, and theres nothing wrong with that, i know i personally game more console than pc, because its just easier and more confortable sitting in living room or bedroom than at my pc desk.

    • Sean that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I’ve said. Don’t they teach you to read at uni?

      Plus a lit of it is purely subjective. For example I’m sat right now playing Mass Effect Andromeda with a controller sat on a sofa on PC.

    • Martin Firth, it has everything to do with it, however, it was more a general response to comments made.
      You stated whilst consoles remain fixed they become out of date fast, no they always have been out of date thats the point yet they make it work, with games that run better and less buggy than pc counterparts.
      As for you sat on sofa playing pc, of course that can happen but in most cases it doesn’t because depending on the build size most people dont want a big pc in their living room, also the UI on a cinsole is considered better and more ergonomic than that of pc, yes with steam gaming on pc has become simplar but the industry its self says they want pc gaming to be more simple and user friendly like that of console.
      As for GPU’s, a new version is often released every 6 to 12 month, usually an updated version, just look at gtx1080 theirs something live 5 versions usually down to brand, and then they released the 1080ti.
      Now i dont know the figures but you can bet that majority of pc gamers are not upto date, apart from the hardcore who have to have the best hardware for their pc, the rest will be a few cards behind.

    • Again Sean you completely missed my initial point. I’ve even explained in it other replies yet you STILL miss it. You’re in Uni you say?

      You also appear to not really know very much.

    • Yes im in Uni, and i know plenty about the industry, but i also have my own opinions, just like you do.
      Your point made was that pc gpu’s are out pacing console and make the scorpio out dated, my point was that consoles are always out dated, they dont need to be upto date for many reasons, Nvidia and Amd, are in the business of making gpu’s, in reality there is no need to keep upgrading their cards in the mannor they do, but they do it because they need a new product to wow the customers in order to keep sales high.

    • No that was not my point at all. Do I really have to explain it AGAIN?? It’s actually written in plain english just a few comments up…..

      Oh well… I guess I do…..

      Now keep up sport…… Sony made no secret they released the PS4 pro because they didn’t want their customers migrating to pc during the generation when PC tech left consoles behind. That’s not opinion it’s fact… it.

      Now….as a result of that and the shift towards 4k as well as the level of graphics tech available Microsoft are being forced to release the Scorpio. A pretty powerful console.

      Now. Currently AMD and Nvidia are at War. AMD are on the verge of releasing Vega. By the looks the flagship cards could beat the 1080ti/Titan on both performance and price. This has led to rumours that Nvidia may well release Volta in 2017, the same year they released the flagship Pascal card. The war is pushing graphics tech forward faster than ever. Which, could mean Sony releasing a PS5 sooner rather than later, using Vega/Ryzen. If anything just to keep up with Microsoft.

      Because consoles use fixed hardware there is no upgrade choice. Has to be a new system.

    • Also, just back on the pc point. Steam Big Picture mode can be booted up at the start. Its infinitely better than both Ps4 and Xbox UI, especially with a Steam controller.

    • First of all “sport!”
      Half of your debate with somebody is missing, so all i have to go on is your initial post and hence my reply, a reply that is very valid, you can not be so vague then expect people to be mind readers, your last comment was far more detailed and yes i agree with you, however, again, consoles have always been midrange, and as for VR, playstation showed that a console like its pro which isn’t a top end spec are more than capable of providing and powering it.
      The reason ps5 is and has been talked about for a few years now is due to the ps4 not being the console promised.
      Personally i think they released the ps4 far too early as did microsoft with the xboxone.
      Anyway pal good debating with you but life goes on, got things to do and with a the news of a terrorist attack, bigger things to think about.

  3. Heh. Xbox 1 and Ps4 release.
    Xbox leaks a bit about something called the Scorpio.
    In the Meantime, they release a smaller, better version like 360 did with the slim, Ps4 Rushing out with the Pro that boasted better specs (Ended up costing shitloads more than the slim and carried a few Devestating bugs)

    Project Scorpio boasts much, MUCH better specs then the Pro and promises better performance.


    • The PS4 pro I have has 0 bugs lol. Name one that supposedly happens. And it doesn’t cost “shitloads more” lol.
      Sony dominates Microsoft in console level performance. They will do the exact same thing with their next console.
      Look at how they touted the Xbox one. The PS4 beats the Xbox one in just about everything, and the PS3 absolutely destroys the Xbox 360.

    • The ps3 lost to Xbox 360. Original Xbox was a close second but PS2 did win. PS4 did win so far no argument but this move will make them look very bad. As to bugs, it wasn’t the pro itself, it was how it handled games, many needed major patching to run properly on the pro. You can be a fan, just don’t be a fanboy because end of the day I am a console gamer first but my mid tier PC makes my consoles look pretty bad, so much so I had to buy a huge and awesome TV to make me continue enjoying the console experience.

  4. I think weve seen the death of traditional console lifecycles, with the wi dows gaming mode and all xbox one games being available fot pc, and the ps4 pro a d scorpio, i think were gonna see an i cremsntal upgrade system for consoles, where a game has minimum specs on consoles, with newer versions able to play games at higher settings, makes sense, plus for the consumer means all games will ve compatible like with pc


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