The Next Installment of Far Cry Gets FULL Co-Op!


As people, we were predisposed to be independent, free from the binds of social construct…

At least until we realized that playing games with other people was better than perpetual loneliness in the bottom of your mom’s basement.

That’s right! Far Cry 5 is going to have co-op! You might remember there being a co-op functionality already back in Far Cry 4, yes there was, but it was restricted to only side missions.

But there’s nothing holding back Far Cry 5’s co-op, it’s going to allow you to play with a friend throughout the entire game so you can experience joys like romping around the wilderness and killing animals and people as they should be experienced: together.
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For the moment it’s unclear whether you’ll both be playing as the same character, but the game apparently will let you choose your gender and skin tone, so there is that possibility.

In addition to the co-op, Far Cry 5 will also be bringing back the map editor so that fans of Far Cry everywhere can download the tools and create a map of their own to play on and share to the far reaches of the internet. Map editors are always good, they extend the lifespan of a game by just giving the community a means to do so. Modders are really just amateur game developers, they deserve some respect.

Read On for more on the new Co-Op feature…

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