The Next Dimension of Computers

It’s time for some tech talk

You know about quantum computing right?

Well, maybe not. I mean, you’ve probably heard the term thrown around forums, or articles, or just around the geekiest people in the universe who you call your friends.

Whatever the case, you could always know more about the subject. And that’s exactly what a lot of companies are doing now because with the concept of quantum computing comes what is perhaps the greatest power that we can unlock in the entirety of information systems.

Computers, as they are now, are evolving at a crazy rate. I mean, look back a few years, and you’ll see that we’ve come a very far way. I have a computer magazine from 2008, and that s**t has an ad for a $2000 laptop with 4 GB of RAM. 4 gigabytes! That’s nothing!

So yeah, computers have gotten a lot more powerful as we’ve been going through the research. But the thing is, computers today are still essentially glorified calculators when compared to something like…I don’t know…the human brain. And while you can’t really simulate Skyrim in your head, there’s a lot of power that goes into perceiving the known environment around you and storing all the memories that make up the personality you are. And for a modern computer to even come close to that would take an immeasurable amount of processing, and a s**t-load of power. Something that we don’t have an infinite amount of.

That’s why when we look to the future of computers, we see quantum computing on the horizon, riding a white stallion, with a Stetson in hand.

We need QC to fix the inevitable plateau we’ll reach in developing standard computers. And I’ll tell you why.

Standard computers process information in the form of a bit. A bit is a piece of information that is stored at one of two states, a 1 or a 0. We combine billions of these things to even get 1 Gigabyte, which is only a part of what a modern game is now. Now, quantum computers use units called (believe it or not) quantum bits, or qubits, which unlike bits can be 1, 0, or a combination of the two. It’s something called superposition, which through quantum entanglement and the fact that particles exist in multiple states at once, one qubit can hold many times the information that a regular bit can. This means that we can make computers that are millions of times more powerful than even one of the fastest computers we can make today.

This is causing an arms race, of sorts, between the titans of technology. Google already has a QC called the D-Wave, but it’s pretty basic and large. They’re pushing to develop quantum computing into a more practical form so that they can commercialize it. The problem with that is IBM is doing the same thing, and Microsoft wants in on the action too. Whoever makes quantum computing the most practical and cost-effective will basically have a monopoly over the entire market.

So what do you think about all this?

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