The New Gauntlet: The Four Classes



This is a game back in the day before the internet where four people could get together and play for hours and unleash awesome spells and hard hitting  special attack moves together side by side on one mission to destroy the enemy. Man I can’t wait for the reboot!

Fall’s upcoming Gauntlet reboot seeks to make the classic dungeon crawler relevant again while still maintaining its classic charm. Though Arrowhead hasn’t delved too deeply into an existing IP with a legacy like Gauntlet’s, its solid agicka and what we’ve seen of the upcoming Helldivers, show that the indie developer is up to the task.

For those unfamiliar with Gauntlet, the original 1985 release set a precedent for dungeon crawling action experiences. We had the chance to look at the four characters you can play in the action/RPG.

  • Thor the Warrior
  • Thyra the Valkyrie
  • Merlin the Wizard
  • Questor the Elf

To get the full details on these varied characters, head over to Game Informer [Click here]

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