The End of the Youtube Ad-pocalypse?

The Youtube community got hit pretty hard earlier this year when Youtube it set had an aneurysm and decided to f**k over everyone who was making a living on it. No, but Youtube did have sort of a freakout due to advertisers tightening the cuffs on what kind of Content they wanted their ads appearing on. It was a pretty big Shitstorm, it hit the gaming channels the hardest with their guidelines on violence, guns, blood, gore, death, etc. Essentially every channel with less than 500,000 subscribers was completely f****d in terms of income. Youtube didn’t exactly communicate the changes to the community at all, and that led to mass confusion and downright anger toward the company that seemed to be the monster in all this, Youtube itself.

That was a little while ago now. And even though I’m not a youtuber, I’m praying that Youtube finds another way to return the internet dream, the hope of someday being an internet celebrity. And for know what? I think we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel here, because Youtube’s head of gaming, Ryan Wyatt, said in an interview with Polygon that Youtube is currently exploring alternative methods to allowing content creators to monetize their videos. specifically, we’re Still talking about gaming channels, they were imparted the most, and how this new system might help.

He didn’t give any specifics, but he did say that they’re planning on taking aspects from the concept of livestreaming and then putting those into what the site is mainly used for: VOD service. To quote him, “VOD gaming is so much bigger than live gaming, how do we serve that audience with other ways to monetize outside of advertising?” Maybe things like paying money to pin a message for the creator on one of their videos, or having a way to donate money without going through Patreon. Even something like a paid subscription option right the on each video work he a help. Youtube is Still doing Live gaming, but they realize that having access to videos any time is more popular than what basically amounts to cable television.


So, rest assured, Youtube is actually thinking about the greater good here, and the ire actually communicating it to us as well! What a move! Though I’m not sure why this had to be addressed after the Logo change, or if they’ve just been working on it for this long.

My opinion? I like that they’re coming up with alténative ways of making a living on this site. As it stands, they’re kind of trapped by these advertisers and their whims. it was kind of inevitable if you think about it, as youtube became a more popular venue for media, guidelines had to be made. Like I said, I’m just glad that Youtube is addressing the problem, and in what seems to be a thought out and logical way. Hopefully, it will all work out in the end.

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