The Developers of “Payday” Tell Fans to GTFO

So you all remember what a rousing success the Payday series is, right?

Well, the designer for the series, 10 Chambers, has just revealed the name for their next game: GTFO.

That’s right, they just kind of came right out and said it, and what’s more is that they put out a trailer to announce it, check it out:

Yeah, I’m not sure what to make of it either…

But from what I could see, it looks like the game is gonna be set somewhere deep underground in an abandoned cave or factory or something like that. Of course, the trailer was only meant to announce that the game exists, I wish it had something more to offer in terms what maybe what the game actually is.

I mean, all we know is that it’s going to be a cooperative 4 person horror multiplayer shooter, and from the title I can maybe gather that they’re going be getting the f**k out of somewhere while being chased by something. Monsters? Death? I can’t tell you what exactly, but what ever it is it sure does enjoy creepy darkness.

The funny thing about this game, though, is that it’s not going to cater to a specific group of gamers, in fact, 10 Chambers is completely self funded, so the game that they’re making is entirely their own without any executive breathing down their neck and telling them what kind of game to make.

In the press release for the game, it stated: “In GTFO, you and your friends will explore hostile and terrifying environments where, in an instant, you are thrown from edge-of-your-seat suspense to frantic action,” It goes on to say how the game will test players in their ability to adapt to a string of ever-shifting challenges being thrown at them.

So from all I can gather, this game is not likely to take kindly to casual gamers, it’ll more like tear your teeth out. I guess 10 Chambers wanted to make a game that people actually need to love in order to eventually make it through, and though we have no clue what the game will actually hold, Chambers’ reputation holds promise for them.

It’s not going to be a Triple-A game, but I’m interested to see what’s going to become of it.

What I’d like to see, personally, is a game where you just have to fight your way to the top. I mean, they’re showing all of this long tunnel stuff and I just picture Portal 2 in my head, except with more guns and monsters that actually try and kill you.

I’d like to see the Strike mode taken from Destiny, and having it made into a game that has you perpetually fighting to the end while challenges adapt to your playstyle and endlessly find ways to bring you down.

But again, we have no idea what kind of game this is going to be yet, so all we can do is speculate.

What do you think the game’s going to be about?

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