The Dawning of Destiny 2

If there is one thing that Bungie can get right with the Destiny franchise, it’s getting us all in the holiday spirit. While there was no Halloween event this year, Bungie is making sure that we know that Christmas is right around the corner with these cool changes to the Farm and Tower while also affecting the rest of the game the cheer of The Dawning.

The social spaces are decorated as such, and just in time for the snow to fall! Meaning that you can actually pick up snow to make snowballs that you can then chuck at other players but more importantly the enemies which will get stunned and damaged when hit by one. Wanna play some Destiny style hockey? A rink with an oversized puck will be available for Guardians to waste time on between running the nightfall.

But it’s not only small changes like that, following the Dawning, you’ll also be able to get special engrams from completing milestones for strikes and the crucible. And since the event will go one for three weeks, you can visit Tess at the Eververse to get a new assortment of items to purchase with your dust. There will even be Dawning themed exotics, oooohhh. And finally, who could forget the infamous Crucible mode, Mayhem, which cranks up the regen rate for all your abilities creating a fun, chaotic, mess of a game mode.

But it wouldn’t be the Christmas season without giving gifts, which is why there are new consumables that will give rewards to every guardian on the server you’re on. Presumably TF2 Smissmass style, I guess.

But it isn’t the snow or the mayhem that’s causing players to get upset, yet again. No, it’s the fact that there are more items going into the “pay to win store”, or rather, the Eververse as the game tells us. No, but really, I don’t really care at all that they’re putting holiday-themed gear in the Eververse. What, did you think they weren’t going to do that? This is a limited event, they’re not just going to hand you gear, you’ve gotta work for it. Though it’s preferable that all that work be done in-game rather than at your job to get your paycheck so you can buy fifty Bright Engrams.

But again, it all comes down to the fact that you can earn these engrams without buying them. You just have to grind a little. Okay, a lot. It’s not easy to get Bright Engrams, but you can still earn them.

Me personally, I’d like to see a system implemented where you can find Bright Engrams in battle. In my mind, that would work out as long as they were about as rare legendary engrams were back in Destiny 1. And maybe next time you do a Christmas event, try putting items in the game that aren’t locked behind any sort of paywall, stuff you can find in regular engrams.

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