Taking a Look at PUBG’s Desert Map

You guys know I’m just a blob of flesh that just lounges on his bed and watches the same Youtube video on loop, right?

Which is why you should be impressed that I managed to get up off of my bed and make my way to my computer, where the test servers for PUBG are installed. Why did I make the long pilgrimage? Well, it’s because I wanted to check out the new map, of course!

Miramar is the new map that will be coming to PUBG eventually, but for now, it’s only available on the test servers. But for a map in development, it’s pretty awesome to play on in all of its desert-y dusty glory. The map is smaller than the main map, but it still provides a ton terrain and locations to loot and hide out in.

When Miramar was first announced, and they said it was going to be smaller than the main map, I thought it was going to be a lot more close-quarters than it turned out to be. I was envisioning a lot less open terrain and lot more buildings, more locations to go to. Really what Miramar is, is just a smaller version of the main map. It more or less the same kind of layout, locations sparse across the map, but they just kind of shrunk the borders to make it smaller. But that’s not to say that the map isn’t good, it makes up for it’s smaller size by including terrain that differs greatly from the grassy plains of the main map. In Miramar, you have less rolling hills and wide-open plains, and you have a lot more rocks. really, that’s it. You have a lot more rocks. In Erangal, you have a lot of hills, a lot of flat area, you can see for miles easily. On Miramar, you have a lot of jagged terrain, making it so it’s a more concentrated cluster of hills and rocky peaks which force you to find a good vantage point for seeing far out. On the other hand, this terrain also helps to hide behind if you’re seeking out a location, or walking in view of the road. With fewer trees, your time is better spent vertically scaling and staying out of site.

The terrain also effects how much I feel like driving a three-person motorcycle when I know I’ll just flip over at the smallest angle. And let it be known, there are plenty of weird angles in Miramar. I haven’t had the most extensive experience with the map yet, but I’ve played enough to know that the roads are where many people are going to stay with their vehicles, trying to drive over waves of rocks isn’t as fun as you might think.

All in all, Miramar is pretty kick-a*s as far as maps go. Really, all it needed to do was be big, and have buildings. But the PUBG team has really put a lot of effort into this one, so much that I’m excited to see what’s next for PUBG.

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