Steam Direct May Be A Little Off The Rails + Other Updates


Just kidding, that’ll never happen.

But we are talking about Valve today, because two mainstream Youtubers, TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling, got to go visit Valve headquarters and over a series of interviews got to talk to them about what they are working on next for everyone’s favorite game organizer/totally-not-DRM-but-it’s-good-so-whatever:


And the biggest thing that’s going to be coming to Steam in the future is Steam Direct, a replacement for the current Steam Greenlight. Steam Greenlight on paper is a solid idea. You have an entire service dedicated to providing accessible game downloads, so why not let the community submit games of their own and earn some cash with it too! However, there are glaring problems with the system, mainly how it’s too accessible. ┬áSteam Greenlight pretty much lets anyone submit an idea for a game and ask for backing. Of course with the multitude of actual indie developers using the service, there are an equal number of people trying to scam people out of their money by putting out poor games, or just releasing no game at all and claiming they scrapped it, or even just having a download that has no real game files.

This problem has lead directly to what Valve considers is the solution: Steam Direct. Something must be done to filter these projects but is Steam Direct the answer? Read on below…

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