StarCraft Remastered!

You might know by now that Blizzard is in the process of remastering StarCraft and planning on putting that out later this summer. What you might not know is that Blizzard is also planning on doing some stuff to the original game, such as making it entirely free.

The first StarCraft was released in 1998 as a science fiction military RTS which swept the world by storm, especially South Korea. The game was an astounding success, making numbers go up by 800 percent, and StarCraft become an established e-sport in South Korea with 3 television channels dedicated to covering it. So this game is a classic, which is why they’ve decided to overhaul the game with new textures with 4K support and new audio. There are no changes to the gameplay in the remastered version, Blizzard has said that they want to keep the original feel and balance of the game, but with that will come some additions of features such as new artwork for the single player narrative, multiplayer ‘advanced’ matchmaking and ladder play, and cloud saving for controls and career stats since both the original and remastered StarCraft will be sharing player data. Once the 1.18 patch is released for StarCraft: Brood War, the game will be free.

Now, I never really got into StarCraft 2 and the original StarCraft was made right around the time that I was, so I didn’t play that either. But I’ve always heard a ton about the game and how popular it was, and with the original game dropping to free I might just download it and see what it has to offer, to see what I missed. This update could be great for gamers like me who couldn’t really play the original game and thus didn’t hold the interest to play the second game when it came out a decade later.

We live in an interesting era here where our technology advances so exponentially that when we look back 20 or even only 10 years ago, and look at what we had, we see massive concepts being constrained by the harsh limits technology had back then. Hence why in recent years we have been turning more to revitalizing, or remastering pieces of media so that they have a more modern feel, so that they become relevant again, so the world can experience it again in what could be a better light with a wider range of possibilities due to tech advancement. The earliest examples I can think of include SSX (the 2012 one), which was either supposed to be a reboot of the series which was thriving over ten years ago, or a sequel, or a standalone game, and Tomb Raider which rebooted the Tomb Raider series, also released in 2012. Since then we’ve seen games like Ratchet and Clank, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, to classic Nintendo titles such as Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask being remastered and put into 3D. That’s not to even mention movies which have their own line of reboots that have been churned out in the past few years.

So it makes sense why Blizzard is doing this, and they’re paying homage to one of the most successful video game series ever developed. And if you haven’t played any StarCraft yet, I can’t give my personal opinion, but I’ve heard it’s good.

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