Sniper Elite 3 First Ten Minutes

Today we are going to take a look at the first ten minutes of gameplay this new game, Sniper Elite 3. At the beginning, the game drops you into a war zone (duh) and the first thing you notice when you take a shot is the realism of watching bullet fly through the air and penetrate your targets. After the opening cut scene, the game does exactly what you would expect and teaches how to use your weapons and how to approach each mission.

While the controls seem very familiar, this is a completely different type of game that relies heavily on stealth and technique. It’s not a “run in guns blazing” type of game. you really need to plan your next move. This is fun, but personally, I like to try different approaches to gameplay, it’s less of a challenge for me when I know exactly what to do and solving each mission is like a puzzle.

Also, I know I’ll get butchered for saying this, but I am not a fan of third person game play unless it is an adventure game. Staring at someone’s back for the entire time I’m playing the game takes me out of the experience and I feel as though a big chunk of the bottom of my screen is being wasted so I can watch my character perform animations.

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