[Sneak Peak] Resident Evil Revelations 2

Now this is cool! Lots of games are now turning to the fans to try and figure out how to make their next big title. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is also following this model.

The developers intend to mix some new features and bring back some old ones. Sounds like a lot of “win” to me! Here are the preview photos taken from November’s issue of Gamesmaster Magazine:

One of the new game mechanics that interest me is the supporting role. The game will be able to played in co-op but the second player will act as a supporter; feeding health and helping the first player progress the story. Death of the second player will not result in a game over. This slightly reminds me of Tails’ role in Sonic the Hedgehog in a sense that, a second player can play as Tails but it will not progress the screen forward (or the story for that matter). I am dying to see more of this!

There were lots more features revealed and to get the full scoop and interview highlights head over to Push-Start; they did an excellent job of summing up the developer interview with Gamesmaster Magazine.

The new teaser trailer also gives us some interesting information on the future release of Resident Evil Revelations 2. You can see that below:

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