[Sneak Peak] Hot Nude Witch Takes Over Nintendo

On Oct. 24th, Nintendo will get a little bit “riskier” with Platinum Games’ new release of Bayonetta 2. This new action game features a very attractive witch with glasses who is one of the last surviving members of the “Umbra Witch Clan” named Bayonetta. Her clothes are manifested from her hair, in fact, her magic power comes from her hair which makes revealing her body an necessity for casting various spells… on screen.


This sexy, morally conflicted character is set with a mission to save her friend from Inferno. Complicating her quest, she must battle both angels and demons with her specialty, the four gun “Bullet Arts”, in order to accomplish her goal.

Sexual Nude Witch content aside, what does this game have going for it? Check out this 30 min interview video; don’t worry if you don’t have time to watch, I’ve included the highlights below:

Highlights of this interview:

  • Non-stop Climax action with high speed fights and over-the-top combat. Fighting is all about the adrenaline rush that you get when doing combos and countering an attack.
  • Never before seen progressive enemies. The enemy types change with progression making the threats interesting
  • Casual game play is available for less skilled fighting and a more lax gameplay. The game can be played in automatic mode (which it basically button mashing) or a stylus.
  • Bayonetta has a large number of combo moves that can be executed by pressing various buttons making the game interesting for the advanced player.
  • Witch Time is a powerful new spell that allows you to slow time to counter an attack if you dodge an enemy attack at the right moment.
  • Your magic gauge fills by doing more special moves and combos or performing Witch Time. The magic accrued can be used to increase attack power & attack range (Umbran Climax) or torturing an enemy.
  • Weapons for close or long range also have different combos.
  • You can switch between 2 weapons during a fight. Weapon types are good for burning, slicing, or shooting.
  • Vehicles and underwater battles are also a thing.
  • Levels are replayable to achieve a perfect score (platinum).
  • In game currency called “Halos” are available to purchase and duplicate weapons, skills, or costumes.
  • Special Nintendo costumes have special relative powers including those of Princess Daisy, Link, and Fox.
  • Online only “Tag Climax” co-op mode lets you earn and wager Halos that help you in your single player experience.
Photo source: Bayonetta gets nekked in these NSFW screens

What will be really interesting to see is the reception of this game from the feminist community. With a strong woman hero but exploited sexuality, I can see arguments both for and against Bayonetta 2 but I think gameplay and storyline will ultimately win the hearts of all players.

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