[Sneak Peak] Call Of Duty – Exo Zombies

Exo Zombies
We finally get our first look at the new Exo Zombies teaser trailer from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

From what I can tell is it looks to be pretty darn intense! The new Call of Duty Zombies is going to be unlike things we are used to from the past games. I think they have realised that ‘Zombies’ contributes to much of the game’s replayability.

Sure, online gameplay is great but Zombie mode adds that new level of challenge that you could take your friends in with you and after hours of playing STILL say “One more time, I know we can top that last score.”

The franchise has also brought in some pretty big names to do some of the character voices in the game as well. CoD is no stranger to celebrity voice work. They even got Eminem to do one of the sound tracks.

Check out the new teaser trailer now on the next page

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