[Sneak Peak] Borderlands 2’s Pandora Gets Deep – Tales from the Borderlands

We are ALL waiting for Borderlands The Prequel but if you are a Vault Hunter, there is no way you aren’t feining for more. The very nature of Borderlands has attracted the best of us gamers and brought out the greediness in all of us! As you probably already know from playing the game, a Vault Hunter’s main goal was never to save the world or stop a corrupt corporation. You know what it is… Come on… you can guess it…

Clip from Tales from the Borderlands Unveiled at SXSW w/ Telltale Games & Gearbox Software
Clip from Tales from the Borderlands Unveiled at SXSW w/ Telltale Games & Gearbox Software

Well for those of you that don’t get it, the goal is M0RE L00T! In Borderlands we are bent on treasure hunting, in every stride we take, we need to keep picking up and selling weapons until the final battle [Spoilers] where we are promised loot but really end up with a whole lot of hurt [End Spoilers]! In Borderlands 2, it’s a race to the finish! We need to stop Handsome Jack from opening up another vault and controlling Pandora which would ultimately be bad for everyone.

Here’s a First Look at Telltale’s Borderlands from IGN:

The journeys are long as are the stories fun and hilarious… We know some details about what motivates other characters in the game from some side quests and supporting roles.

…What if you aren’t the “hero”?
…What about the little guy?

As you are probably already aware, the makers of The Walking Dead video games series (Telltale Games) are jumping into Pandora with Tales From The Borderlands and all new characters to follow, the nerd and the con artist! The story will have 2 protagonists that aren’t quite so honest; so, they fit into this world perfectly!

Why is this a “must play”? Because this is where the world of Pandora builds and moves forward. I know this is going to suck up some time in my gamers chair and I’ll probably be grinding in the Borderlands for the next few months!

and here is, of course, the original announcement interview with officials from Telltale and  Gearbox (we wouldn’t want to deprive you of that):

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