Sign-Ups Now Available for Evolve Alpha, and there is one Catch!



Well this is good news for us Evolve fans!  We have till Saturday the 5th to sign up for the Alpha. The only drawback is you will need to have a PC to play, unfortunately there is no console version for Evolve Alpha available. So I guess the PC will have to do as long as you have enough power in your PC to play.

So to all you hardcore PC gamers who have the system to handle the alpha all I can say is happy hunting and please let us poor console only fans know how the game is first hand.

Sign-ups are now available for an upcoming alpha test of cooperative monster-hunting shooter Evolve, developer Turtle Rock announced today.

You can visit the official Evolve site right now and fill out the registration form for your chance to play to the Evolve Alpha prior to its launch later this year…

[More on this story @ Gamespot]

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