Sega Finally ‘App’lies Themselves


But then again, I wasn’t really ever into Nintendo either. Really, I’m a PC gamer at heart, and though my first console was a PS2, I never really got into the Sonic games.

But that doesn’t matter because I might just arrive at the party (though late and without a gift) with this new thing that Sega’s doing for mobile platforms…


This is a service that Sega is going to launch on iOS and Android platforms that will allow you to download classic Sega titles like the Sonic franchise, Kid Chameleon, and Altered Beasts for free on your phone. I say free, but of course, like any mobile game, there are going to be plenty of ads to go along with your nostalgia trip. Gotta make that money somehow.


With the added option of paying a couple bucks in-app to take away those ads, so you can experience your childhood with absolutely no distractions whatsoever. But I guess you can’t really blame them, they’re putting out numerous classic titles all for free for anyone who wants them. That’s pretty much their life’s work right there.

The titles that will be included in the service will range from games on the Master System, all the way through to the Dreamcast, so the entire collection of Sega consoles will be tailored for your thumbs to tap away on that overlayed controller. The titles included with the launch of the service are as follows:

-Sonic the Hedgehog

-Altered Beasts

-Comix Zone

-Kid Chameleon

-Phantasy Star II

But that’s not all of them because Sega is planning to release new titles every two weeks. You will be able to find these all on either the App Store or the Play Store, depending on your phone.

Now, this is kind of like the thing that Nintendo’s doing with their subscription service that will allow you to access an entire library of virtual console games for free (with added cloud and multiplayer support) as long as the money keeps flowing. But the question is, is this better, or worse than that?

Well first off, there are a number of Sega games that are actually available on Virtual Console already, in fact, most if not all of the titles coming to the service could be found in the marketplace since the Wii came out. But since Nintendo’s going to be redoing the Virtual Console service, and adding in the other service which only has classic Nintendo titles, this may just be the more viable option.

Of course, if you have an Android phone, you wouldn’t need this service at all as you would probably already have downloaded and emulated it if you wanted it already. Though you might just want to support Sega anyways since it’s officially licensed, so it’s probably more stable and functional than a jury-rigged third-party emulator.

So what do you think about all this? Are you going to buy into this service? Leave a comment down below and like the post if you did!

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