Rock Band 4 Details Finally Revealed

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Rock Band 4 was announced in March, but we didn’t know too many details. Finally, they have revealed the details we have been wanting and we are here to share them with you.

First of all, the game will run at 60fps in 1080p. Despite this graphic upscale, it will still have its fun, cartoon-like art style we are familiar with. It will have over 2000 songs from previous releases in the franchise.

Harmonix said that one of the most important things to them for the Rock Band 4 release is to assure that everyone has a unique, artistic experience. They are doing that in the following ways:


  • The drummer will count in the band.
  • Mid-song drum fills.
  • Drum fills tailored in tuning for different genres.
Rock Band 4 drums in development stages.


  • Free-form melodies. (Stay in tune, but you don’t need to hit a pitch perfectly!)
  • Improvisational scoring. (Free form melodies give you a score because you improvised!)


  • Better crowd interaction.
  • Improved campaign story.
  • Solo mode will work like a RPG.

Multiplayer will still be just as awesome as it always has been, with a few little improvements. That is what everyone has been really looking forward to, so get ready to call your old buddies and get in some practice. You’re going to need it for all those weekend Rock Band competitions!

Two player mode.

More details regarding the release date will take place in a one-hour interview with IGN on May 15th.

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