[Review] Steam Discovery Update – Almost There!

steam discovery update review

The internet game and software storefront Steam has become WAY more than just that in the past few years and is constantly growing in popularity. The storefront also acts as a game library, a full gaming community, and a basic console-like interface that makes gaming a lot easier on Windows, Linux, and iOS based computers. The features of each of these systems integrated into one user interface is pretty impressive. This being the case, it’s only natural that the program doesn’t exceed in everything.

To specify, Steam does almost everything right, except browsing it’s own store. Searching for a game type was always tedious if you didn’t know what you wanted. Honestly, if it had to be any feature that is lacking, I am glad it was that one. Valve is now looking to address this subpar component with a fresh new update. The Steam Discovery Update! Yay! So I’ve taken a look at the newest features and I’m quite impressed.

Click here to see our review on this new update!

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