[REVIEW] Frost Giant Genocide? Disney Infinity 2.0

Photo source: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Ben Silverman, a games editor over at Yahoo, has reviewed ‘Disney Infinity 2.0’ and pretty much called it a Frost Giant Massacre:

Protect that device by killing more Frost Giants. Destroy the weather machine … oh, and also kill a dozen Frost Giants while you’re at it, cool? Other than the occasional battle with Loki, there are no other enemies to fight. It’s a Frost Giant murder simulator, and it’s repetitive to the point of satire.

He’s simply stating that there is a lack of enemies to fight. I could understand his point, a variety of villains is important in a game but is it that important when the game is made for little kids? I think that the toys that come bundled or that you buy additionally will probably get more action than a kid actually beating the game.

The author had quite a bit to say about the Toy Box (sandbox) mode also…

Click here to find out more about Disney Infinity 2.0’s Toy Box mode

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