Putting Our Mad Catz To Sleep

Sad news today out of the gaming accessory manufacturers around the world.

Longtime and well known company, Mad Catz Interactive has just filed Section 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. They’re finished.

Mad Catz Interactive is the parent company of Mad Catz, the gaming accessory maker, and gaming headset manufacturer Tritton. Over the past few years Mad Catz has not been wildly successful, and it eventually came to the choice of being a part of Rockband 4 which was the beginning of the end for them. The game sold well, but still well under the number Mad Catz was expecting, and that caused multiple senior executives of the company to leave along with a 37% cut in staff. When 2016 rolled around, their total losses added up to about $11 million dollars. They haven’t said what is going to happen to Tritton, but Mad Catz is liquidating all other assets which means that they are not at all expecting to go back into business, they are completely shutting down.

Like any third party accessory producer, there were a fair share of s****y products that came from Mad Catz. But I remember times where Mad Catz allowed me to save a few bucks and allow me to buy a couple of controllers for my Gamecube. They’re not the best products in the world, but I think that they held that special place in limbo where they weren’t the best but far from the worst.

RIP Mad Catz.


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