PUBG, the Philosophy Going Forward

It’s no secret that PUBG has gobbled up all the time any user on Steam has, it’s led the way for Battle Royal game modes everywhere, and it even looks like Valve wants to get into the action with all the recent updates being done to CS: GO.

But the real question here is,

What’s up for PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS in the year 2018?

The year started out with PUBG being in a very early access state, but a game nonetheless that started to gather a small following, then a big following, and finally the biggest following on Steam. It didn’t get there overnight though, it took months of work and updates and patches to get the game to the state that it’s in now, and it’s still not even close to being done as far as Brendan Greene wants it to be.

Kotaku spoke with the prodigal man himself, and he expressed that there are still many problems with the game current state, mostly due to how the game functions (which is still kinda s****y with the poor framerate, loading, stuttering, rubberbanding, etc.) which is apparently due to the fundamental core of the game: the Unreal engine. But he’s confident with enough time that it’ll get ironed out. With two playable maps, custom server options, and a vainglorious crate and key system which might even rival CS: GO on the Steam Market, it seems PUBG has found the perfect formula for creating the perfect video game.

But beyond that

Greene has other plans that are just as big that will make the game more like a ‘game’ and less of something you run through and hope the PUBG gods are in your favor. Such features like ranked play and character leveling will add a hell of a lot more depth and incentive outside of just getting cosmetics. For me, that’s going to be a big update to look forward to, since it’ll add on to the already awesome scavenging that’s in the game which, honestly, is my favorite part about jumping into a match. Who doesn’t love dropping into a house and seeing a Scar-L with a 4x scope? Best feeling in the world, I tell you. And with much needed polish in the game’s future, competitive play will actually be possible, though if they went that direction, who could imagine what tournaments of the game would look like…yeah, in my opinion they might have to come up with a special mode with its own special set of rules so that could work.

But beyond even that, we have to expect that there will be tons of new cosmetics coming our way this year…hopefully. I mean, when asked, Greene did express some concern about the whole ‘gambling’ nonesense, but all in all he wants the cosmetics as much as we do.


It’s looking like 2018 is going to be an even bigger year for PUBG than 2017 was with early access and the game’s 1.0 release recently. I know I’m excited for what’s coming next, how about you?

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