PUBG is Evolving

The fabulously successful game of the year, PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, is coming to Xbox One soon enough. In just under a month, the game will be available in all of its console glory.

But before that happens, let’s talk about Brendan Greene, the mind behind the madness.

When talking about the Xbox One and Xbox One X versions of the game, he said that there’ll be quite a graphical leap from one version to the next. A “higher graphical fidelity” if you will. But it doesn’t stop there, he also said that he hopes to put 4K textures onto the X version, really giving a reason for those hardcore PUBG players to go out and buy an Xbox One X for the 4K TV they undoubtedly have sitting in their living room. Ok, so I don’t think that it’s going to be too much of a selling point, a whole lot of work done for what will probably be very little gain…but I guess that’s why that feature is still unconfirmed.

But, hey, do whatever floats your boat. PUBG for Xbox will be available as an unfinished build on December 12 through the Xbox Game Preview program. You’ll have access to three cosmetic packs to buy, including the Warrior Pack, Accessory Pack, and Tracksuit Pack.

On top of that, the finished version of the game, version 1.0, is to be expected soon, it’s release rumored to be sometime in December. Test servers for the version are already up, and players have already gone in and have found some new interesting things like the layout for the new desert map and some new vehicles such as a jet ski, a minibus, and a pickup truck. On top of that, there’s also a new weapon they found, that’s it down below, reminds me of the BAR from World at War.

And the layout for the desert map:

But those are the things we haven’t seen before. That’s not even to mention the new climbing and vaulting mechanics that will come with 1.0, and the bullet drag effects over distance. The game’s going to change up a lot, and it looks like it’ll be for the better.


There have been rumors of a PS4 version of the game coming out eventually, but there’s nothing concrete yet. Right now, it’s just the Xbox One and Xbox One X taking the lead. And you know what? I’ve been thinking. And I think that PUBG for console could potentially be a better experience than it is on PC.

I know that shooters are normally better on PC with the mouse and keyboard being king for aiming, but with PUBG being a third person perspective game primarily, the aiming isn’t as hard as it is with a closer FOV. Of course, you still have first person servers, but you don’t have play on those. I just think that it would be more fun and relaxing to play PUBG sitting on my futon in my living room on the big TV rather than hunched over my keyboard with my face inches from the monitor trying to see if there’s a guy just over that hill. That’s not to mention that the game will probably also be a lot better optimized on console than it is for PC.

Am I going to buy the game on console? Still probably not. I already have it on PC, and I don’t play it enough or have enough time to warrant purchasing it for my Xbox. In the end, it’ll work any way you slice it. I’m just a crazy, rambling, lunatic.

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