Prey: A Reboot We Actually Want

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Bethesda’s upcoming game, Prey, looks like it has everything Bethesda has to offer in a game, while also making it look d**n fabulous graphically.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to be talking about Prey today.

The release date is fast approaching, on the Cinco de Mayo we will be sitting down in front of our TVs, computer monitors, and start slaying some Typhon butt. But in the remaining couple weeks before then, let’s discuss what I think this is going to be.

Alright, I’ve probably already established that I am an avid fan of Skyrim. It is my literal baby, the first game of its kind to draw me in completely for sometimes six hours at a time. Now, this game doesn’t look like it’s going to be anything like Skyrim, but it does look an awful lot like another Bethesda game. Prey actually has a lot of things in common with Dishonored in that they both consist of a semi-open environment where you have to make your way through each level using and gaining certain powers that help you along the way.

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Prey is set on the space station Talos 1 which began as a prison for the Typhon before human enhancement research began. See, this game is set in an alternate universe where JFK was never assassinated and during his presidency, he sunk most of his resources into the space program. Everything was going just fine until the Typhon, a group of alien creatures collectively sharing the same composition but differing in abilities. Talos 1 was constructed to imprison them, Labs were built on top of the prison for researching the Typhon, but the program was terminated due to an incident amongst scientists on the station. The year eventually grows to be 2032, Transtar bought control of the space station, and you are Morgan Yu, a scientist aboard Talos who is trying to find out why the station is crawling with Typhon while taking them out in the process.

All missions take place on the station, over which you have complete maneuverability. The station is yours to explore, and you can even go out into space to travel to different parts of it. All parts of the ship are open for you to take full advantage of and use your own play style to defeat the Typhon. Along the way, you will find neuromods, each one containing an ability like telekinesis or shape shifting that will introduce entirely new and more effective ways to choke a b***h.

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So, do I like what I see?

I can’t lie, I do. Like I said above, this game is probably going to feel like a variation of Dishonored, and I liked Dishonored. This isn’t an outright open lore like Skyrim, it’s an enclosed space with places to explore, but only to reach one end.

Visually, the thing looks epic. I absolutely love the graphics, they set the perfect mood for being trapped in space with monsters you must kill. But don’t take it from me, here are some pictures to back me up:
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I think Prey is going to be a solid reboot of the original game. As long as it sticks with the formula from Dishonored, we will have a fun time. The ability to manipulate your environment combined with a leveling ability system really turns the game into a playground with which you must complete. With each new ability, you get you feel stronger, more powerful, and ready to kill the enemy. It’s the classic leveling up formula where you want to be the very best like no one ever was so you keep playing the game, it ends up creating an exponential situation where you play all night.

So I think this game will be just like Bethesda’s other games: F*****g great.

Catch you on the flip side.

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    • It’s linear. Its an open environment but it has a beginning and an end. They are trying to tell a story. It does have multiple paths though. by you choosing what you upgrade and level up, different things and enemies react differently.


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