Polyphemus Won’t Get This Guy…


Today brought us the E3 of Nintendo, who finally let out some more information on the highly anticipated, next big, Mario game.


Mario games have never been known for their deep and emotional storylines.

So It’s only logical that Princess Peach has been captured by Bowser again. But this time with a small twist. We saw in the reveal trailer a few months back that Bowser is actually planning a wedding between him and Peach, and has enlisted the help of an evil wedding planning agency called the Broodels who are, for all intents and purposes, the evil Kooplings of the game. At the end of each world, you will have to fight one of the Broodels, who each have their own set of moves you have to counter and who are actually very intent at stopping Mario from crashing the wedding (probably because they won’t get paid by Bowser if he does).


Mario’s hat has always been his trademark, but it’s always been a cosmetic choice for the stumpy, stomping, plumber.

Well, no more! In Odyssey, Mario needed a little help in his quest to once again trump Bowser, so a character by the name of Cappy came along and planted himself upon Mario’s head to grant him some extra awesome moves.

Cappy, by default, is a white top hat but he has the unique super power to transform into any other hat in existence! Kinda crappy? Well, you haven’t heard the rest of it yet. In addition to his transforming ways, he also passes on that ability to Mario who can throw Cappy at a large variety of objects or characters and possess them while taking the powers they themselves have, like taking over a rocket, a dinosaur, a f*****g taxi! It’s no Wing Cap, but you can then use these characters and whatever abilities they may have to reach the end of the level or have a hell of a lot of fun romping around. But what is the end of the level? How are these worlds laid out?


In typical 3D Mario fashion, the end goal makes you collect a bunch of the same powerful object that will ultimately help you progress onwards through the game. In Odyssey, these objects are Moons, which are green crescents that you get from completing quests given to you by a world’s inhabitants and also by beating the corresponding Broodel which will give you three at once instead of just one. In this game, the Moons are used to power the airship that Mario uses to travel to each world. So beating the boss doesn’t necessarily mean you can move on, you still need to collect enough Moons to power your ship.

The worlds themselves are laid out in such a fashion that is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite classic: Mario 64. They’re set up so that they’re linear where they should be, but they’re still open enough to allow you to find your own way.

Though this may not be exactly Super Mario GTA, there’s still a lot of s**t packed into these maps. How much s**t? You ask. Well, let’s just say that video games have evolved a lot since Mario 64, so prepare to scour each world for numerous paths to take. And with the Cappy mechanic, you can expect to find a lot of cool ways to get around each world.

Super Mario Odyssey will release on October 27th of this year.

So are you excited for Super Mario Odyssey?

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