“PLEASE PLEASE Buy an XBox One” says Microsoft

Stats from VGChartz
Stats from VGChartz

Microsoft is REALLY trying to push some XBox One sales, and with good reason. Since the release of last year’s holiday season, XBox One is seriously lagging in sales. So between Sept. 7th and 13th, if you purchase an XBox One, you can get a free top selling game. This is basically Microsoft saying, “PLEASE PLEASE Buy an XBox One.”

Unlike the release of the first generation XBox 360 which was overheating like a dog in a volkswagon (too soon?), the new console was free of these problems. So, why is the system struggling so much?

I think the main issue with this system was not just “the luck of the draw” there were key elements that we all loved about our XBox 360:

  • A huge gaming community
  • A badass comfortable controller
  • Excellent exclusive games ::cough:: Halo ::cough::
  • Intense graphics


Instead of improving the things that we loved, the XBox One was announced and it was basically Microsoft force feeding us a hotdog when we asked for a big juicy steak. Here are the announcements that hurt them the most:

  • Let’s start with ALWAYS ON, why do I have to be online? What if my internet connection goes down (which it does in almost every household) am I going to lose my game? That blows!
  • Next, a frickin’ a TV feature? Why would we want that? We have a TV, we are not going to spend a giant chunk of money to get a gaming system that lets us do something that we can do already.
  • And Seriously… this system almost bankrupted the whole used game industry with their “no used games” thing that they were trying to implement.
  • Oh! and don’t even get me started on the “no legacy games” thing, which is an issue for me with both systems. This is something that would get me “off the fence” about which system to pick. I would have totally pre-ordered an Xbox One with legacy game support and I’m pretty sure others would have as well.

I’m not sure who they were trying to make this system for, but it definitely wasn’t for the people who were using it.


I guess it’s a noob gaming system mistake, not listening to the fans when they are saying, “Hey, we like this, give us more of the great stuff you did!” and then what’s released is not even close to what we consider an upgrade. Sure, they did some stuff right, there are some great improvements on the XBox hardware and software but I think the crap they tried to pull on us made us a little reluctant to buy the system.


None-the-less, This is a pretty good deal. If you want more information on this, head over to Eddie Makuch post here.

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