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IGN Live: Sony Gamescom Press conference kicks off the following video with an eye-gasmic trailer of “inFAMOUS First Light” the mechanics look stunning, but can the storyline hold the game through?

Next up is a trailer for “The Order: 1886” if you like killing monsters with old timey guns, then i’m pretty sure this is the game for you. Again, the visuals look stunning and breath taking, with minor game play in the trailer, it’s enough to get you amped up to shoot some stuffs!

“Little Big Planet 3” YES Please! Everyone’s favorite Sony platformer is back and with new mechanics and characters, it’s sure to be a fun ride!

What does this list need? Oh yeah, you guessed it my fanged friend, A HORROR game! This third-person nightmare “BloodBorne” will turn you into a hunter and have you killing undead creepy s**t!

These trailers are then followed by a montage of playstation cinematics, my mind is officially blown. Remember the days when cinematics looked nothing like the actual game play? With Playstations new and more powerful system, we can now play in nearly the same quality as the cinematics they show us! That alone is exciting!

Please comment below and enjoy this hour long press conference to learn more about the games we are waiting for!

inFAMOUS First Light
First Light – Sony Playstation


The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886 – Sony Playstation


Bloodborne – Sony Playstation

Source: [IGN Gamescon 2014]

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