Play XBox One and 360 in Your Browser!

Imagine, if you will, a service where all your favorite XBox games are available to you through your internet browser. There is only one thing stopping us when it comes to playing video games like we watch Netflix… friggin’ LAG!  Good news everyone! Microsoft’s latest report is spreading all over they have pretty much fixed lag over large distances allowing you to play XBox One and 360 in your browser. Yay!

Photo source: Ewen Roberts

This information comes from a research paper for a project currently (and cleverly) labeled ‘Outatime’. In this paper, it is stated that:

Outatime combines: 1) future input prediction; 2) state space subsampling and time shifting; 3) misprediction compensation; and 4) bandwidth compression.

Basically, what Outatime does is make a prediction about what the next move is then it loads up the information  according to that prediction while ‘time traveling‘ and making sure there is enough play room so it can be wrong.

So, a small confession… We here in the gaming community may be getting a little ahead of ourselves. Microsoft has not confirmed that they will be using the technology in releasing a cloud service. BUT SERIOUSLY, What else would they use it for?!

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