Overwatch Jeff Kaplan AMA

Jeff Kaplan, known globally as the lead designer of everyone’s favorite first person shooter of the past year, Overwatch, just recently did an AMA on Reddit. And he said some interesting things I’ll share with you in this article.

Now, in addition to the questions about the history of the development of Overwatch, what his favorite maps and characters are, and his history at Blizzard, the obvious questions had to eventually pop up like flowers in a spring field. they went a little something like…


As lead designer he had all the information in the world about the future of characters and maps and nerfs and buffs and the like, but of course he couldn’t give away everything the team is thinking of implementing. Though he was open enough to explain what could be expected in the future.

One of the bigger character things he talked about was a future update to Lucio. He said that Lucio is widely considered a “must pick” in many situations, he wants to make Lucio more engaging to play and less of a hero that’s picked in all matches. Which is interesting because Lucio is kind of an all around support that is good in basically any situation, with his unique ability to switch between healing and speed combined with his insane mobility and the fact that he does enough damage to be relevant makes him a relatively easy character to play. It will be interesting to see how they will change him in future updates.

Another thing that was mentioned was Winston and the fact that he is the least played character in the game, and perhaps some changes need to be made to make him less of an unnecessary pick. Winston is mainly underused due to his relative squishyness that combined with his close range weapon makes him hard to play well. Though Jeff Kaplan agrees that he’s seen that Winston can be played very well in the correct hands he says changes will come soon, but not before Orisa, the new character, comes out seeing how any major tweaks to current characters and especially Winston and his barrier could mess up the balance when Orisa does eventually come out considering her damage boosting and barrier abilities.

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