Overwatch Cracks Down on Quitters

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on as gamers, it’s that anyone who quits an online match before it ends is a d**k.

We’ve all had those games where we’re either f*****g destroying the other team, or just getting destroyed, and a guy leaves out of anger. And it doesn’t matter which team you’re on, it’s just plain s****y for everyone involved.

Even more so with Overwatch, where if someone leaves in the middle of a competitive match, the whole thing just becomes moot. One team may win the match, but no one wins the game since no competitive points are added nor taken away in the end. This makes for a f*****g frustrating time when it happens more than once, or even just once. It’s just basically one person ruining two team’s worth of fun just because they decided to get pissy about the notion that they might lose a little rank.

Blizzard is all too aware of this issue, and have been trying to fix it since they implemented competitive all those months ago. They’ve done the classic grouping of leavers when they try to join back in the queue, but now they’re looking to take it one step further.

In a recent blog post by Overwatch’s very own Jeff Kaplan, he expressed his disappointment in these kinds of people, saying that he’d rather that they don’t play the game at all, rather than ruin it for other people. He also said that “We keep increasing the penalty for leaving and will continue to do so,” which is definitely being shown with the next update that will come for the game.

Kaplan says that they’re working on implementing a system that counts the number of times you’ve been banned from a competitive season due to leaving, and when it gets to a certain point you’ll be banned from ever playing competitive again.

And on the topic of toxic behavior, like people intentionally throwing a match, he said that while they have an automatic and manual system on their end for finding such behavior, what really helps is the feedback that they get from players who report these dicks. They’re looking toward the community to clean up the battlefield and get rid of these guys so that Overwatch can remain the awesome game it’s become.

My question for all of this,

Is this too extreme?

While I love to see toxic f*****s get what they deserve, there is a certain amount of error that could result from this. Whether it be from people who have technical problems on their end with the game crashing or either disconnecting from the servers unexpectedly. There are innocent people that can be hurt by this system

And that’s only talking about the leaving, on the topic of reporting it’s pretty obvious how that can be abused by little idiots reporting anything that moves or anyone who upsets them by killing them. I’m not sure how Blizzard handles reports like this, but there are no doubt some people who got slammed for doing absolutely nothing.

But that’s not to say that the system shouldn’t work. Anything like this is prone to fault, and while crashes and connection issues do exist, there is ample leniency provided. Like how you can rejoin the match as long as it’s still going on, and even then it takes more than one disconnect to get you on the ban list. And unless you live on a barge in the middle of the Bermuda triangle, you shouldn’t experience too many of these technical problems.

And as for the reports, I’m sure Blizzard does their part to make sure that the person they’re banning deserves it.

So what do you think about this new system? Leave a comment down below and like the post if you did!

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