Our Favorite Detectives in Video Games

So why are we so attracted to characters like Max Payne? Yes there are a lot of cutscenes in the game but all the plot building can not be ignored. Max is a lone wolf kind of action hero. It’s the same action hero that we rush to the theaters to go see.  He’s the video game equivalent of the Punisher, so much darkness and a compelling dramatic story mixed with a narrative and some really hard action. The depth and origin of the character is so well done he definitely makes it onto our favorite detectives list.

Sometimes criminals pick the wrong dude to mess with. That’s the case in Max Payne, when the titular detective’s wife and daughter are murdered and the series blasts off. He becomes a husk of a man, with nothing left to lose, a head full of police skills, and an unhealthy relationship with prescription medication. He’s kind of like the Punisher on PEDS (performance-enhancing drugs), which makes him bad news for bad guys.

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