Orisa Comes to Overwatch: First Impressions

Overwatch is coming up on a year since its release last May, and the game is still running insanely strong. Orisa, the games 24th character, has now been introduced into the main game! I tried her out, and me being an avid fan of Overwatch, I thought I’d give my first impressions on what playing her was like.

Coming straight out from the heart of a genius little girl, Orisa was built to protect (that is her primary function apparently) the citizens Numbani in case of further destruction after the Doomfist attack which destroyed most of the OR15 Omnics which were the initial defense force for the city. After the attack, Efi Oladele, the genius girl, bought one of the decommissioned OR15s and created Orisa, the Omnic protector of Numbani who also has a heart (or just programmed to have one)

When you first hop in a game and chose Orisa, you notice right off the bat is her huge Fusion Driver which acts as her weapon, it shoots a barrage of energy pellets which actually does a fair bit of damage. And despite the fact that you move slower while firing, you have 150 pellets to shoot before you have to reload, and with a fire rate of 12 rounds per second you can be the tankiest thing in all of history.

What do I mean by that?

Well it means that through playing some Orisa, it became clear that she’s a good character for the slow push. She has the barrier that you place down, she moves slower while firing a seemingly endless amount of damage that really can hurt anyone essentially any range which is the greatest thing about her. The spread on her Fusion Drive is actually surprisingly small, being able to get critical hits from a far distance while being able to continuously shoot without reloading for more than ten seconds straight! That may seem a bit overpowered, but after they dropped the ammo from 200 to 150 in the PTR I think helped it balance.

Being slowed down in addition to the tight spread which actually screws you over in close range situation keeps Orisa in check. She’s not exactly brilliant in close range situations, I had one hell of a time trying to keep Tracers and Reapers from getting all up in my face to the point where it was near impossible to land a shot on them, with the Drive shooting projectiles it came to a point where I was just aiming randomly trying to land a shot.

Enough weapon talk, let’s discuss her abilities. Continue below:

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    • I think people are still learning this because more often than not it’s been a strategy for me to take her down as Mercy as soon as her armor is down. I was really surprised with how easy she went down the first time I did it.

  1. A very slight bulletspongey tank with moderate firepower. In terms of a tank she’s not the best but when used right she’s pretty great, unless you get a s**t team who does everything but support her.

  2. I’ve seen some fantastic orisas and some pretty horrible it is def team based and map based for her. She is really good on maps for environment kills like numbani when they are hanging around the edges

  3. Orisa is great she could use a little more mobility, but other than that if you know how-to use her kit, especially fortify in the right way survivability is amazing, as well as damage output can easily kill at a distance if you know how to lead a shot, she’s a great tank, just people need to learn to play her

    • Oh and the fact that I’d stomp you 1v1 with orisa it has much more to do than with just time spent that shows kills whatnot, doesn’t factor in the hidden stats not shown such as damage blocked, and offensive assists there’s more there than your tiny brain can comprehend but it’s okay. Before you talk trash know your facts and hop off my nuts.

    • Also the fact that im 3200 rating? Lol time played is only a smidgen of the factorization. My proof? My friend has 70 hours on hanzo he’s ranked 126, I know someone else with 24 hours on hanzo his rank top 10, time played isn’t the deciding factor buddy, so no offense get an education, even their statistics tell you what’s factored in, however I doubt you be got the talent to get to diamond anyway.

  4. People need to play around her. Far too often people just pick her and think it’s good enough. But if you don’t have the support with you then your barrier gets destroyed and you get killed instantly. She’s such a huge target. I rarely get killed by orisas


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