Oculus Fixes VR?

You guys remember a while back when I released a relatively popular article about VR and how it’s not going to be the future?

Well, now Oculus is creating something that might make these words fly right down my throat.

Let’s recap for a moment: in my previous articles discussing the future of this thing, what I determined was that:

A. You need a high-end PC to facilitate VR

B. The headset itself is too expensive for people to want to buy

C. The games available are not worth spending money on both of these things.

Yeah, so basically it came down to the fact that it was too expensive, too spacially consuming, and just not worth it in the end. The way things are now, you’re going to end up paying over a thousand dollars for a sub-par experience that would be better seen in a science museum or something. The whole situation just isn’t optimized for a mass consumer base, things need to change if VR is going to take off. But luckily, Facebook might have found the solution to this:

It’s called Oculus Go

And from what they’re saying about it, it sounds like it fixes (mostly) the problems that stem from the current VR market.

For one, it’s completely self-contained. You don’t need a monster PC with a GTX 1080 to run it, in fact, you don’t need anything. The headset is all you need, the tech is all in there.

I know what you’re thinking, how the hell did they fit the specs of a high-end PC into this thing? Well, since the specs for it haven’t been released yet, we don’t really know. And really, there’s no way that this thing will be able to compete with a 1080, the specs are probably engineered to be just good enough to produce a smooth and satisfying enough VR experience. Remember, you can do VR on your phone, how powerful does the headset actually need to be?

But that’s not all, the Oculus Go will also bring down the price point immensely by only selling itself for a cool, cool, $200. That’s pretty awesome, in fact, that might actually make me want to buy one. $200 is right in that sweet spot of being something of value, but not too high-class for the common rubble of America to cash in on. I imagine that many techies and gadget freaks will want to get their hands on this.

Finally, we have the question that you know the answer to: What can the Oculus Go do????

Well, it can play games, it can do 360-degree experiences, and then it can run multiplayer games…and…well…that’s it. The experience is basically the same as what you get if you throw your wallet into the VR furnace but it just comes as a cheaper package. From the website, it looks like the games look the same, though that’s probably footage from the actual Oculus. Who can tell? Not me.

And you know what, there’s not really that much to talk about yet because there’s basically no other information out there. All I can really say is that I think that with the right measures taken, and maybe a few deals with some game companies, the Oculus Go could actually become a common household item. Now, $200 is still not pocket change, but it’s cheaper than any console you can get today. I can just picture middle-class white people sitting in their living room and having a ball with this.

How about you?

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