NOT the End of GTA Mods!

Well, the question I posed in my previous article has now been answered.


This is not the end of GTA mods after all! In fact, Take-Two and Rockstar have gone so far as to withdraw the cease and desist they sent the developers of the popular modding tool, OpenIV, and have come out and said as much.

On June 14, it was believed that they were on the prowl for blood when they sent them that C&D, saying that they believed that the tool should be shut down as it was being used to create mods and hacks that were being used frequently on GTA Online, making player’s experiences online complete s**t. It didn’t make much sense to anybody, since the tool had been around for years, and it was predominantly a single player modding tool. The only reason they had for shutting it down seemed to be to save their own image.

On Friday, Rockstar stated that they believe in “reasonable fan creativity” and wants to support creators who showcase their passion for their games in this way. On that same day, they secured an agreement with Take-Two that would allow OpenIV to continue development and distribution as long as they abide by some guidelines set up by them. So all’s well that ends well, right?

Well, no

Not exactly. I mean, there’s still the issue that this happened in the first place. I mean, why couldn’t Take Two have just taken some time and thought about what they were doing? They had to have had an inkling of an idea of what OpenIV was, and how the creators of the tool were not, and did not want to promote online mods in the slightest, right? And on top of that, and for the first time that I have ever seen, a game company has actually listened to the whining of thousands of people on the internet! And that really confuses me…

I mean, how the hell did this work?? Don’t get me wrong, I like mods probably more than the next guy (Skyrim mods still capture my unused hours) and I’m definitely happy that this worked, but how? I’ve never seen this work, I would have never expected this to work. Why did Take-Two actually listen to their community?

Well, I guess I know why. It’s the community. They p****d off the reason that they exist in the first place, the people who buy their games and spend countless hours f*****g around with them. I guess I’ve just never seen a company choose whiny people over their own professional image. And they way the community went about it, you would have never expected Rockstar or TT to even care. I mean, wow, a s****y review on Steam, that’ll do a whole lot, right? The game’s been out for how long, people already know it’s amazing, the people leaving the reviews know it’s amazingand anyone who’s ever heard of the brand “GTA” knows that it’s a wildly popular franchise. That would have never worked.

But the funny thing is, it actually did. And maybe that’s the age that we’re entering now, with less of a disconnect between the Rockstars and the fans (heh). I guess we should just all be thankful that they cared enough about us, and chose to take it back.

There might be a lesson in all this, but have no clue what it is. How about you?

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