No One’s Playing Xbox 360 Games?

Is no one really using backward compatibility?

Advancements in technology happen at an accelerating rate.

So when a console gets replaced by a newer version, the older one becomes obsolete.

I’m talking about the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, of course. The transition from last gen to current gen brought us a brand new console with new capabilities and hardware that the old one didn’t have. For a little while games came out on both platforms, but now if you don’t own an Xbox One, you aren’t really participating in the current generation of video games that are coming out.

So you go out and buy an Xbox One. Great. Now what? You have a brand new console, but no games to play on it. What do you do?

Well, luckily Microsoft thought of that occasion and accounted for it.


But they did nonetheless, and the list of games that were backward compatible with the Xbox One was created. Over the months the list has grown substantially, allowing gamers to play all their old, classic, Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One. As far as the games go, they look and work exactly the same as they do on the 360, the only differences possibly being in performance and load times due to the faster hardware. They’re just straight ports from the 360 to the One.

This is a feature that we’ve seen overlooked this generation with the PS4 not even having it and the Xbox One only getting it recently. I’m not sure if it’s due to time and resources, or if they just said aahhhhhh, f**k it and didn’t think it was necessary. Well, it’s a moot point now since every month brings us titles we can dig out from under the couch and slide into the disk drive, and supposedly this makes the Xboners finally happy to own the console.

Or does it?

Data’s been coming in on what Xbox One users mainly spend their time doing on the console, and backward compatibility is way down the list.

In fact, based on Ars Technica’s study of 930,000 user’s data, only 1.5% of their time is spent playing 360 titles. The rest of the time is spread across Netflix, “TV” app, Youtube, and the largest chunk going to playing good ole’ Xbox One games.

Now, how could that be? With so many people begging for backward compatibility to be put on the XbOne, why are people barely playing those games?

Well, actually they are. According to Mike Nichols of Xbox, this data is incorrect. The day after this article was posted he sent out a tweet in which he said that, in fact, roughly 50% of all Xbox One users have used backward compatibility and over 500 million hours of back-compat have been played since the first games were implemented

So where is the disconnect here? Well, it may have to do with the limitations of the sample size which may have included a majority of users that haven’t played a back-compat game yet. Even Phil Spencer joined in on the matter and stated that day to day, the top played games usually include one or two Xbox 360 titles.

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  1. I still play my 360 also but I am not so sure I would if I had a Xbox1, I think I would be more focused on finishing my newer games, with the occasional going back to finish off some unfinished games, I still have a fair stack to finish off with the 360. I did like that I could play a 360 game online with someone that had an Xbox1 though.


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