No Hope for World of Tanks 2

I came across the funniest headline the other day.

I wasn’t actually sure why it was so funny to me a the time, and after looking at the article in depth, I felt like I could talk about this. So sit back, relax, and cue the headline:

“World of Tanks 2 is not Happening”

S**t! Really? Aw, that news came out of nowhere! I was counting on that to occupy me through my 20s! But seriously, there are many out there who are, in fact, disappointed that they will never be getting a sequel to the biggest online multiplayer competitive tank simulator on the market.

World of Tanks was born to the world seven years ago, and all throughout its life its had a constant stream of players adding up to over 130 million from PC and later the Xbox platform as well. Really, it was the most unsuspecting competitive fun time that you could find on the internet. But after seven years, you have to expect that some people have grown so attached to the game that not only have they been happily married to it with children to boot, but they feel like a sequel is in order. But despite how good that sounded, Wargaming told the fanbase that it was not happening.

Wargaming went on to say how they see World of Tanks as more of a service type game, something that continuously evolves over time, molding to the changing times. They said that the idea of a sequel “doesn’t really make sense to us”, and I’m inclined to agree, especially in this case.

The idea of a video game nowadays is it’s something that comes out and will get supported over its lifetime. With online competitive multiplayer games, that notion is extended since the amount of content that goes into one of these is typically smaller than a single player game. Some games go for a few years before the hype finally wears out, but games like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, StarCraft, League of Legends, those games get updated for many more years, TF2 is over ten years old and Valve only just implemented competitive matchmaking in the past 2 years, the am\ount of content you can add to a game is only limited by the idea you’re basing it off of. World of Tanks, that idea has somehow stayed fresh for seven years now, and for the public to ask for a sequel to a game that is still getting updated today makes no sense at all. If you want new content, just wait. More content is always coming, and when development for World of Tanks finally ceases, it still won’t be time for a sequel, the idea will have already been completely worn out at that point and any more content to add would be redundant.

No other games will be able to do what World of Tanks did, and since improvement on the base concept is very limited, I doubt anything will take its place in the future. Maybe some VR thing, I don’t know.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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