News, News, Lots of News: May 6

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Well, here we are at the end of another beautiful week of gaming news and coverage.

As per our new tradition, here is a compilation of some big news that went on this week:

  1. Prey is out!

Yes, the anticipated reboot of the original space alien-organism-breakout game by Bethesda is now out for people to enjoy! How are people liking it so far? Well, people on Steam are giving it very positive reviews, people saying how it really creates a spooky vibe, how good the graphics are, how it keeps you on your toes, the exploration, and most important, how well the game runs.

You might remember my article on how there is no PC demo for Prey, only the console version received one prior to the game’s release. They made it seem like they didn’t want to create a PC demo, but part of it may have come from the release of Dishonored 2 and how well that went for PC gamers. But it looks like the game runs fine, so all is well as another Bethesda game has become a success.




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