My First Thoughts on Destiny 2!

Well, the day has finally come

Destiny 2 has officially launched for consoles!

Normally I would be very upset at this news as I originally was planning to buy it for my PC, and that launch date proceeds this by a whopping two months, so I bit the bullet and got it for my Xbox, and let me tell you, I’m loving it.

I will admit, it’s not what I imagined it would be, and it didn’t fill me with boundless wonder and joy along with the drive to make it my life like the first game did. Really, it just felt like it was exactly the same game as Destiny 1, it really didn’t feel like anything had changed. Of course, this is actually a different game, but it just feels like they took Destiny, and they refined the ever loving crap out of it, even scouting out the small details that would overall make the experience you have more enjoyable. Some people might scoff at that, but I can dig it. I loved playing Destiny 1, and if I can do that but with different locations, guns, and abilities, I’m down. Of course, I say that and there’s one thing that I cannot stand for, and it’s something that I’m sure many of you know about and grieve for immensely,

They took away the g*****n sparrows

Well, not exactly. What they did is not give you one while you play the game. Don’t get it?Well, see, the only way you can get a sparrow in this game is to reach max level (which is 20, same as the first game) and only then will you be gifted a sparrow and given the option to buy them from a vendor in the social hub. That’s all well and good, but that means you don’t even have a sparrow until you beat the game, so you have to wander around each location on foot while following paths that are clearly meant to have sparrows racing around on them, and that actually brings me to the next thought I have to share today,

The sick new map designs

You know how in the first Destiny the maps were pretty linear and barren with anything interesting? Well, in Destiny 2 it feels the same! But there’s actually more to explore. See, what they’ve done is design the maps with the same aesthetic, but they’re bigger and there are more locations to go and explore and lost sectors that you can go down and get what they say is pretty awesome loot. I actually haven’t managed to find myself one, but I have gone and found myself some standard loot chests, all which have contained a single EDZ chip…nice…

But that’s not all

Let me talk a bit about the weapons in this game. I actually really love this new weapon system we have now. I love having the option of two primaries. I can have two of my favorite damage dealing weapons without having to end up with a primary and two other guns that I’ll ultimately end up not using because I should save their ammo for a bigger boss. I say it was a good move to lump the special and heavy weapons together, it doesn’t feel unbalanced at all. Every power weapon feels like and does a lot of damage, as do all the weapons in the game for that matter. When you fire a weapon in Destiny 2, the sound that comes out when you pull that trigger is something only paralleled by the heavens itself, raining down bliss upon your hapless soul to make you whole again…

What I’m trying to say is that Destiny 2 is the s**t, It’s pretty awesome. You should go buy it if you enjoyed the first game, and even if you didn’t.

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