More Info on WWII Zombies!

So we’ve seen the reveal trailer,

we’ve seen the beta, but what we haven’t seen is any important information regarding the zombies mode that’s going to be in this game.

Call of Duty WWII is going to be gearing up for one more beta at the end of October, right before its release on November 3rd. But before that happened, senior director of Sledgehammer Jon Horsley thought it’d be fun to do an interview with the Playstation Blog to straighten a few things out about the game. What exactly? Well, look at the title of this article to figure it out.

So we could already tell from the trailer that this zombies mode is going to put more emphasis on the terror and fear aspect of a zombie apocalypse. There’s going to be less of a sci-fi feel to it, it’s not really going to be following Treyarch’s interpretation of zombie survival. Horsley even said that Sledgehammer is trying to make this the “most terrifying Zombies experience” they can do, it’s going to be “grounded in a gritty, horrifying setting”. He went on to say that when you start the map you’ll be put in the corner of a small, quiet, village in Germany where “b****y sewers, evil laboratories, and ancient tombs” will reveal the secrets to the player as they make their way around.

But you won’t be running from just normal everyday zombies, no, it’s been confirmed that there will be different types of zombies that you must kill or elude in different ways. Horsley said that there will be at least a running zombie and a flaming zombie, both which will cause you plenty of problems if you happen to get cornered anywhere, so make sure you’re always moving and know your way around the map. And while you’re doing that, you should be wary of your environment, specifically, you should be looking out for anything that will help you in your time of need. Horsley also said that there will be multiple ways to trap or kill the zombies if you’re resourceful, like taking a saw blade and ripping them in half like in the trailer.

And speaking about the trailer, Horsley did point out a few things, like the cage containing a machine that was built to make the German’s weapons stronger (pack a punch anyone?) and when asked about classic zombies staples like the mystery box and the monkey bomb, he responded by saying nothing specific, but that they left hints in the original reveal trailer for those with “keen eyes” to pick out. Perks will come back as well but in a different fashion. Horsley said that instead of buying them, players will acquire them in a way that “makes them feel like part of this terrifying world”.

And last but not least, Treyarch taught us that a zombies map isn’t complete without an easter egg, so what does Sledgehammer have for us? Well, like everything else he’s said, it’s nothing specific. But he did all but confirm the existence of one when he said that there are “many secrets and rewards to uncover” and “Hardcore players will need to find their own path”.


All in all, this sounds like it’s going to shape up to be a pretty cool zombies experience. Although it’s not Treyarch, it looks like Sledgehammer’s doing their own thing with it, trying to go back to the roots of a classic zombie apocalypse and maybe take it in a new direction? All we can do is wait and see.

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