Mojang Says: Don’t worry, Minecraft Story Mode Will Be Awesome!

Minecraft Story Mode
image source: Minecraft Story Mode Press Release

Sometime in 2015, we will see a new Minecraft game. No, it’s not Minecraft 2. Although we retired that joke. Mojang has not! 😉

Minecraft Story Mode is the name of Telltale Game’s newest story adaptation of a popular game. We can already see what their adaptations are like through games like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Tales from the Borderlands’. Tales from the Borderlands, while in it’s first episode is already a killer story. It’s full of characters that fans love and in a setting that is all too familiar; so, Minecraft Story Mode should be a similar adaptation.

Now for those of you that are thinking, “Hands off my Minecraft!” Mojang wants you to know that this is just a spin-off game and will not affect the original gameplay in anyway.

What else can we expect from this Episodic story?

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