Minecraft Xbox One Edition Releases on Friday!

So the most exciting part about Minecraft Xbox One is that its not going to be a straight port over and can handle more than its predecessor. As Rob Crossley at GameSpot reports:

Minecraft Xbox One Edition allows players to generate worlds as much as 36 times larger than the Xbox 360 version. Offline multiplayer can support up to four players.

That’s good news for everyone that is upset that they have to buy the same game over again for their new system. XBox One owners WILL have bragging rights though. While the Xbox One version releases on Friday, there is still no word about the PS4 version, why? The build, unfortunately, had failed Sony’s certification test and must be debugged (more on that story here).

We will keep you updated on how both versions do in the near future! Until then please be sure to like us on Facebook or Twitter for more updates on awesomeness!

What’s the longest time you’ve spent playing Minecraft?
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