Minecraft Sold Out!

Looks like Minecraft might be selling out. Figures, every good thing must come to an end. Now there is nothing set in stone yet but it sounds like Microsoft might strike a deal with Mojang by the end of the week. This is just crazy and I believe this will have a very negative effect on the millions of loyal fans.

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“Not good” in my opinion! Once a corporation like Microsoft takes over I think the game will suffer and unfortunately, at that point, the game will lose it’s way. Hopefully Microsoft will be smart and let Mojang continue to update and bring the game into the future with their views and guidance.

Minecraft has been an indisputable gaming phenomenon since it’s release in 2011, but as the company has expanded beyond PC and onto consoles, the developer, Mojang, has maintained its independence. But that may be about to change very soon; the Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is in “serious discussions to buy Mojang AB.”

According to “a person with knowledge of the matter,” the WSJ writes that, “The deal would be valued at more than $2 billion and could be signed as early as this week.”

When reached for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “We don’t negotiate with terro… err… um…”. 

Click here to find out what the Microsoft spokesperson ACTUALLY said.

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