Minecraft-Like Graphics Revolutionizes Gaming

minecraft lander

Let me start off by stating what everyone already knows. The Minecraft-Like graphics you see above are known as voxels. Minecraft is considered a voxel game; in the most basic definition, this means that it uses blocks to render it’s 3D world that we experience every time we enter a game. This is pretty much the basis for this new feature of NVidia’s new graphics card processor. It utilizes technologies that was previously only available in pre-rendered 3D graphics such as movies and game cut scenes. Do to the vast power it needed, this was not able to be replicated in real time or replicated in a game.

This technology, justifyingly named global lighting, uses a voxel pattern to position the light sources, reflections, and shadows; what results is the most real-world accurate lighting possible to date! What is going on in the picture above is a voxelized version of the moon lander replicated for an experiment that proves that the lighting in the 1969 moon landing was accurate and most likely, not faked as conspiracy theorists claim. The project was assembled simply to show off one of the many features of NVidia’s Maxwell chip in the GeForce GTX 980.

not minecraft lander

“Yeah? So what! I’m a console gamer,” you may be thinking.

Well this applies to you too and if you click the link below, you’ll find out how!

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